A brand new daily planner for kids

At the core is a Kanban board for project management. Will teach а child to be self-supportive in a playful way.
Kanban board has greatly improved my project management at work. I also wanted to make such a virtuoso friendship with my kid's daily routine. At the heart is a Kanban board adapted for children. My child is happy to be involved in the game with magnet cards and at the same time accustomed to fulfill his duties.
Juliya Zagoruiko,
The game creator, mum of daughter.
Accustoms to the daily routine
The board will allow you to visualize the schedule of the child. Facilitates the child's perception of what he is doing now. A funny planning process. Self-support of decisions.
Magnet Cards Game
Children are happy to move magnet cards to complete. Focusing on one task, a child makes maximum efforts for its implementation. It helps children to be more organized.
Agile for kids
Kanban board is a set of solutions for working according to the Agile methodology. It will teach children to be flexible, experimentation, and teamwork. The child masters and applies the design approach in further life!
Daily Planner for Kids Visual Schedule Magnet Cards English version | Kidplan

The game consists of a set of magnetic cards with tasks colorful illustrations, the canvas of the game, motivation magnets. In a gift box.

The child learns to plan and analyze the day, organize tasks, remember the good, and learn from mistakes.

In a set: 30 cards-illustrations, game canvas, magnets rewards 7 pcs. For children 3-6 years old. English version.
The game language
How to play?
1. Plan the day with your child
Parents and their child choose a to-do list for the day. Select the cards that you need, and paste them on the board in the column "To do."
2. Stay Focused on 1 activity
A kid selects the task to be completed and moves it to the "Doing" column. By identifying yourself with a character, your kid focuses and performs as a quest, not routine. After the task is ready, it should be moved to the column "Done!". Such a ritual brings positive emotions and a sense of completion.
3. A retrospective at the end of the day
At the end of the day, parents and their child check the tasks in the "Done!" column. During the discussion, you find out what was done and what wasn't.

Reflection helps to remember good moments of the day. Small rewards will motivate new achievements!
Game benefits
Comprehensive development.
Sensory and emotional development. Visual perception. Improves fine motor skills of the hands. Increases concentration. Trains a project approach to solving problems.
It can be used many times.
For boys and girls from 3 years. A flexible magnetic base can be stuck on a fridge, flip chart, any magnet surfacy. A unique gift will serve for several years and will be passed on from elder children to younger ones.
Approved by child psychologists and pediatricians.
Recommended for children with sensory difficulties, autism, and delayed development.
Focuses attention
Kanban implies a limitation of simultaneously performed tasks. Parents can set a limit of 2-3 tasks. Children will focus, making every effort to complete the task. You make friends with the daily routine of even the most naughty fidgets!
Elena Levashova, practical psychologist
The Kidplan game will help to form the child's ability to plan the day and to schedule tasks. Develops the skills of high-quality organization of the day in childhood. Such habits remain with us forever!

It is important that this game is an opportunity for joint activities of the child and parents. Indeed, modern parents devote very little time to quality communication with their child. The Kidplan will help parents to show their child how to become responsible, set goals and successfully achieve them by their own example.
Artiom Matveychuk
I ordered a game for my goddaughter. The goddaughter and her mother are delighted. When you need to do something, the game works better than any persuasion. I'll also buy my children!
Kate Voiteh, pediatrician, mom
The Kidplan game will help to form an independent and self-supportive child. Children learn to set goals, realize them, and get results. I recommend this game for children with hyperactivity.
The game is best to use for children with autism, together with their parents. They should perform tasks in the picture together. The child gets used to household chores. Through cards, he realizes what is happening to him at the time of execution.
Daily Planner for Kids Visual Schedule Magnet Cards English version | Kidplan
The game language
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